Support with Eating Disorders

Support for eating disorders can be complex, and varies not only by the types of eating disorder but by what is happening for each individual at the time support is being sought.

If you are already working with a counsellor or therapist, that’s not a problem (it is very common for Nutritional Therapists trained in eating disorders to work alongside existing trained counsellors/therapists supporting you).

Timing and frequency of sessions may vary to that of typical consultations, so the most logical step is to book a discovery call to find out what is going on for you.

We can then discuss a programme that you feel comfortable with, which will provide all of the support that you need.

Book a call to discuss packages that deliver support with eating disorders

“Thank you so much. I never realised how much I’ve been hiding from facing up to how I was really feeling inside. It has been a huge relief to me to have been able to share this so openly in a safe space with you.

I now feel I can move on and am motivated to work on making more beneficial lifestyle choices to support my overall health”

S, Eating Disorder Client